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The Chromatic Dialogue Part One

This collection of jewellery was made using a very limited palette of colours.  In collaboration with abstract landscape painter Amanda Bee, we used the following six artists pigments - four of which are earth ochre pigments from Provence, France:

1) Gris Ochre - a dark neutral grey

2) Ardoise Naturelle - a neutral stone 

3) Terre Verte de Nicosie - a pale green with a hint of blue

4) Rouge Ercolano - a rich terracotta orange

5) yellow ochre - warm mustard yellow

6) natural indigo - deepest dark blue

I loved the colours that we created together so I have decided to continue to make a limited range of designs using these beautifully soft earthy colours. 

Some of the designs are one-off pieces and others I will repeat so I have split this collection into 'One-of-a-kind' and 'Made-to-order' designs. 

Our work was exhibited in Bradford on Avon in September 2023 and you can read more about my processes and the exhibition in my blog