A collection of colourful modern jewellery made by hand in Somerset

Slow Jewellery: my jewellery is made by hand - my hands, as one-off or very small batch production designs


My name is Clare, I'm a jewellery designer-maker who lives and works in the market town of Frome in Somerset and I make a range of colourful, cheerful, everyday jewellery from polymer and resin clays with recycled sterling silver.  I love to make beautiful things and for as long as I can remember, I have always made 'stuff.'

I started to learn to make jewellery from precious metals some years ago now and was lucky enough to be taught by a very talented jeweller, Rachel Kerrison in Bath.

I have always been completely obsessed with colour and I wanted a way to incorporate colour into my designs without using gemstones and so I started to experiment with polymer and resin clays. These versatile materials enable me to control the colours and create as many shades and tones that I can think of.

Each element of my jewellery - from each individual bead to the sterling silver findings - is made entirerly by hand by me in my little studio in the Silk Mill in Frome.  I am registered with the Birmingham Assay office so all of my jewellery (with the exception of earrings and items below the legal weight requirements of 7.78 grams) will be sent away for hallmarking.

Each item is carefully and meticulously made and my aim is to make colourful, affordable and comfortable jewellery that is a pleasure to wear.  I try to keep the shapes and styles of the jewellery simple to allow the colour to become the focal point.  I have a bit of a thing for circles; I'm quite fond of squares and triangles too so these feature regularly in my designs.  For my handmade beads, I tend to stick to simple shapes and forms too from round to heishi beads and simple sticks and tubes - I think the simplicity of the shape allows the colours to sing.  

I absolutely love to make jewellery and I take a complete pride in creating something beautiful and of exceptional quality and I hope you enjoy wearing my jewellery as much I have enjoyed creating it.  My jewellery is very collectable and makes the perfect gift for those that like a pop of colour to brighten their day! 

You can find a selection of my jewellery in my online shop and through a selection of galleries and independent shops across the UK.  I also take part in various markets and events throughout the year so please check my events page to see what I'm up to.  You can also find out more about my work and inspiration in my new journal (it's a work a progress so it's early days yet!)

I also make a range of handmade bridal accessories and jewellery through my other little business  - Clare Lloyd Accessories - so when I'm not mixing pigments into clay or soldering metal you'll find me lost in a world of weddings. 

Looking for the perfect gift for Colour Lovers....

Recycled sterling silver Teardrop hoop earrings with resin colour dots handmade by Clare Lloyd Jewellery in Frome