Colourful Adventures in Jewellery Making

A little look into the colourful world of Colour Designs Jewellery

So, this is a new adventure for me; a blog! Years and years ago, I set up a blogspot page  (remember those!?) to start writing a little bit about my jewellery making - I think the page must still exist somewhere in the depths of the internet but I've long since stopped writing on there.  I thought I might have another try at it so I'm calling this my 'Journal' and I will attempt to write about some of my adventures and mishaps in the wonderful world of jewellery making and colour inspiration. I've set up some topics below and I'll add posts to them as I get writing.

Let's see how this works out!

Clare Lloyd Jewellery at work in her studio in Frome

How I make my jewellery - my processes and tools

Paint charts with colourful swatches

All about the colours - from colour mixing experiments to finding inspiration

Flaylay of colourful notebooks and pens

Running a Micro Business - what I've learnt and messed up along the way

Colour Designs Stand at Craft Festival Bovey Tracey 2021

Events - some of the wonderful events I've taken part in 

Handmade polymer clay bead necklaces in bright multi colours handmade by Clare Lloyd Jewellery

My Jewellery - new designs and ideas and how they come to life

Golden olive coloured Euphorbia flowers

The Environment - my journey into trying to get better at taking care of the planet

Colour block pendants in yellow and black against an abstract yellow and grey print by Marimekko

Inspiration is Everywhere - some of the beautiful things that inspire me to create

Artwork by Amanda Bee Artist

Other amazing creatives, galleries, independents and artists who make and do things I love 

Beautiful handmade floral bridal crown by Clare Lloyd Accessories photo by Oxi Photography

Find out what I'm getting up to over in the wonderful world of weddings...... 

Colour dot stacking rings handmade by Clare Lloyd