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Lunar Dot Collection

Simple, ethical, timeless

A tiny collection of ethical jewellery sustainably made from my offcuts of recycled sterling silver to create little dot studs in various sizes and tactile and very wearable pendant necklaces.

Each stud and pendant is created from melted offcuts of waste silver from my scrap pot.  A little pile of silver scraps is melted down to form little balls of molten metal.  Each dot is completely unique and the slightly reticulated surface of the silver has celestial qualities resembling the surface of the moon - hence 'Lunar.'  Some dots remain as the heat formed them and others are hammered to flatten the surface. 

I don't polish my jewellery or use any chemicals in the making or cleaning process so the silver has a wonderful soft white sheen to it and an serene almost pearl like finish.  Choose from practically perfect everyday stud earrings - that will go with just about every outfit - in various sizes and tactile talisman like pendants that are so comforting and smooth to the touch. 

As this little collection grows, I'm thinking of adding a tiny dot of colour within the silver, perhaps some rings and making longer earrings too but for now, you'll find a little micro collection of understated and simple, everyday, ethically made jewellery.