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Colourful Stud Earrings and Recycled Sterling Silver Studs 

In this section of the shop you will find all of my stud earrings including my bestselling Colour Dot Studs. My Colour Dot Studs are available in sterling silver with round settings in four different sizes; large flat 8mm diameter, medium flat 6mm, chunky 4mm and tiny chunky 3mm.  

Also in this section are my large Giant Scratched Studs made from polymer clay with surgical steel posts and available in a ever growing collection of colours.  

You will also find my inside dot studs in a choice of different shapes including large statement circles, mismatch circles and raindrops in various sizes.

I have a large selection of colours available online but I can make any colour you like, so please contact me if you're after a specific colour. 


My newest stud earrings are my Scrap Pot Dots which are made from all of my left over odds and ends of silver.  I melt down little piles of offcuts of recycled silver and form them into gorgeous little reticulated blobs.  After sanding the bottoms and giving them a good go in the tumbler with some ceramic chips, I solder on some earring posts and you've got yourself a practically perfect pair of everyday twice recycled sterling silver studs earrings! Available in two sizes at the moment.